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Field Artillery Organization





Field Artillery Organization, January 1968:



I Field Force Artillery

41st Artillery Group:

7th Bn, 13th Arty (105, T)
7th Bn, 15th Arty (8-in/175)
2nd Bn, 17th Arty (105-155, T)
1st Bn, 30th Arty (155, T)

52nd Artillery Group:

3rd Bn, 6th Arty (105, SP)
6th Bn, 14th Arty (8-in/175)
5th Bn, 22nd Arty (8-in/175)
1st Bn, 92nd Arty (155, T) 5th Bn,
27th Arty (105, T) 6th Bn,
32nd Arty (8-in/175)

II Field Force Artillery

23rd Artillery Group:

2nd Bn, 11th Arty (155, T)
2nd Bn, 13th Arty (105, T)
1st Bn, 27th Arty (155, SP)
6th Bn, 27th Arty (8-in/175)
2nd Bn, 32nd Arty (8-in/175)

54th Artillery Group:

7th Bn, 8th Arty (8-in/175)
7th Bn, 9th Arty (105, T)
2nd Bn, 35th Arty (155, SP)
1st Bn, 83rd Arty (8-in/175)
6th Bn, 77th Arty (105, T)
6th Bn, 15th Arty (105 T)
MACV, Forward 3

108th Artillery Group:

1st Bn, 40th Arty (105, SP)
8th Bn, 4th Arty (8-in/175)
2nd Bn, 94th Arty (175)

101st Airborne Division Artillery:

2nd Bn, 319th Arty (105, T)
2nd Bn, 320th Arty (105, T)
1st Bn, 321st Arty (105, T)

II Field Force Artillery-continued

1st Infantry Division Artillery:

1st Bn, 5th Arty (105, T)
1st Bn, 7th Arty (105, T)
2nd Bn, 33rd Arty (105, T)
8th Bn, 6th Arty (155/8-in, SP)

25th Infantry Division Artillery:

1st Bn, 8th Arty (105, T)
7th Bn, 11th Arty (105, T)
2nd Bn, 77th Arty (105, T)
3rd Bn, 13th Arty (155/8-in, SP)

173rd Airborne Brigade:

3rd Bn, 319th Arty (105, T)

199th Light Infantry Brigade:

2nd Bn, 40th Arty (105, T)

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment:

3rd Sqdn How Btry's (155, SP)

1st Cavalry Division Artillery:

2nd Bn, 9th Arty (105, T)
1st Bn, 77th Arty (105, T)
1st Bn, 21st Arty (105, T)
2nd Bn, 20th Arty (ARA)

4th Infantry Division Artillery:

6th Bn, 29th Arty (105, T)
4th Bn, 42nd Arty (105, T)
2nd Bn, 9th Arty (105, T)
5th Bn, 16th Arty (155/8-in, SP)

23rd Infantry Division Artillery:

6th Bn, 11th Arty,
11th Inf Bde (105, T)
1st Bn, 14th Arty, 198th Inf Bde (105, T)
3rd Bn, 82nd Arty, 196th Inf Bde (105, T)
3rd Bn, 18th Arty (8-in/175)
3rd Bn, 16th Arty (155, T)

9th Infantry Division Artillery:

2nd Bn, 4th Arty (105, T)
1st Bn, 11th Arty (105, T)
3rd Bn, 34th Arty (105, T)
1st Bn, 84th Arty (155, T/8-in, SP)



1 Attached to 25th Infantry Division
2 Attached to 1st Infantry Division
3 Provisional Corps, Vietnam, activated and replaced Military Assistance, Vietnam, Forward on 10 March 1968, later redesignated XXIV Corps, Vietnam.