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2005 Banned Cards

As per Tom's instructions, the following Banned List is to be enforced for the 2005 Championship:

Sundering Titan
Time Stretch
Beacon of Tomorrows
Time Warp
Temporal Manipulation
Mind Over Matter

Any constructed deck that has a combo capable of eliminating all other players on turn one or two.





2005 Championship Point System


Standard Prize

+1 Overall, +1 Championship


Cursed Prizes

+1 Overall,  -1 Championship


Special Event Prizes

All Hallow's Eve:  +1 Overall, +2 Championship
Merchant Scroll:  +1 Overall, +2 Championship

There may be additional Special Event Prizes.


Highlander Prizes

+1 Overall,  +1 Championship

Highlander Prizes are considered Special Event Prizes and may not be targeted by Premature Prizes.

Highlander Bonus:  A player who wins both alternate artwork versions of Lightning Bolt, will be awarded one additional Championship Point.  A player may only win one Highlander Bonus point.


Legendary Prizes

Prizes that are Legendary cannot be won by the same player more than once.  Since a player may still wish to claim a second copy of a Legendary prize, an optional scoring system may be chosen as shown below.

First:        +1 Overall, +1 Championship

Second or More (Option 1):   +0 Overall, +0 Championship and prize is played for again
Second or More (Option 2):   +1 Overall, -3 Championship and player keeps prize


Dual Lands

First:         +1 Overall, +0 Championship
Second:    +1 Overall, +1 Championship
Third:        +1 Overall, +2 Championship
Fourth:     +1 Overall, +3 Championship

A player cannot be awarded more than four identical dual lands.  Once a player wins a set of dual lands, the following optional scoring system is enforced for additional wins of identical prizes.

Five or More (Option 1):   +0 Overall, +0 Championship and prize is played for again
Five or More (Option 2):   +1 Overall, -5 Championship and player keeps prize




Premature Prizes

A Premature Prize can be used once during the duration of the 2005 Championship.  A Premature Prize can only target prizes awarded the current Monday night.



A player with Disenchant may prevent another player from exchanging a target prize with Future Sight.  A player with Disenchant may reduce the Championship Point value of a target prize in the current game to zero.  This usage also eliminates all other Championship related effects.  If used on a Dual Land, the Disenchanted prize would not be counted in the total count for that land type.  If used on a Legendary prize, the Option 2 penalty is eliminated.  Disenchant has no effect on Cursed Prizes.  Special Event prizes are immune to these effects and cannot be targeted.

Future Sight

A player with Future Sight may exchange any target prize still available that month for the target prize announced at the start of the game.  This effect may be used to obtain a wanted prize or force another player to win a different prize.  If this effect is prevented by use of a Disenchant, the Future Sight may be used again in 2005, but not the same night.  Any point effects related to the exchanged prize are still enforced as if that prize was won by the player.  Special Event prizes are immune to this effect and cannot be targeted. 

Sacred Ground

A player with Sacred Ground may cancel the effect of a target Cursed Prize won by the player.  The final point value of a Cursed Prize when Sacred Ground activates is +1 Overall, +0 Championship Points.   Special Event prizes are immune to this effect and cannot be targeted.