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Fucking Monday Fucking Night Fucking Magic.
Foresight into the future.  Hindsight into the past. 2007 Championship:  Round 1
Prize Counter:  14/14
4 Geoff
3 Bruce
2 Tom
1 Tariq


Looks like this is the end?  For what it is worth, the first round to the 2007 Championship is officially complete.  Geoff and Bruce are first and second, respectively.  Only first and second place awards bonus points.  Congratulations, Geoff!  If Magic starts again, any future prizes will count in a new round. 



It has been at least a month since the last Monday Night Magic game.  What is going on with all these cancellations?  Tom is the only person with the answer.

If the games start up again, it is obvious the planned championship rounds will have to be modified.  It was originally intended for round one end in the beginning of March.  It is the middle of April and half of the scheduled games for the opening round remain unplayed.  The prizes for this round have again been reduced, this time down to twenty.  That still allows some time for a competitive finish.



The dreaded Hunted Horror has been banned!  The nefarious Horror generated an abundance of gore, fear and anger.  Normally that is not a problem, but the Horror's game plan was usually initiated too early and many opponents were awarded a quick exit from play.  And those damn tokens usually spawned unholy and unintentional alliances.  Note the rules for a special exemption of this banning.

Interesting current championship point spread:  4 - 3 - 2 - 1



Geoff reclaims the top spot on The Ranks of Divine Ascension!  And Bruce is the first to encroach on Geoff's lead in the first round of the 2007 championship.  How long can this madness continue?  Onward into the mayhem of March Magic.



The Prize Vault has been updated with ten new 2007 prizes.



The championship resumes after the longest hiatus in the history of Monday Night Magic.  The venue has almost returned to its origin.  Same house, but a different floor.  Tom retakes the lead on The Ranks of Divine Ascension.  Will Tom and Geoff continue to swap the lead?  Or will one claim the title with a victory streak?  Expect the round lengths to be modified due to the cancelled nights.

Medal Awarded:  Tom renews his Eternal Victory Award.
Medal Awarded:  Bruce renews his Eternal Victory Award.



There is a new leader of The Ranks of Divine Ascension!  Geoff is the first player to reach 75 victories and has officially passed Tom.  Congratulations, Geoff.

Medal Awarded:  Tariq  renews his Eternal Victory Award.



The 2007 Championship is underway!  Who would have thought this would still be going on in the fall of 2003 when prizes first appeared?  As you can see the 2006 Proclamations are removed and added to the archive.

The method of awarding championship points has changed, so check out the new 2007 rules.  They are not complete yet but provide a basic idea of the mayhem and doom lurking over the fate of all Monday Night Magic players.

Geoff and Tom are both at 74 on The Ranks of Divine Ascension!!!  Who will be the first to reach 75?  Tom is officially still the leader until someone passes him.

Speaking of The Ranks of Divine Ascension, I would wager  everyone is tired of Tom, Geoff and Rick hogging the screen whenever someone visits the rankings.  Their prize listings have been hacked away and put out of sight.  Only prizes won in 2007 will be openly displayed for the top three.  Any player reaching 50 victories will also be promoted to this new listing style.

All Eternal Victory Awards are once again in jeopardy.  Remember all recipients of the Eternal Victory Award must win once in 2007 or permanently lose the award in 2008.  Geoff is the first person to reestablish his claim to eternal glory.

Medal Awarded:  Geoff  renews his Eternal Victory Award.
Late Medal Awarded: Tariq is awarded the Seasonal 10 Victory Ribbon.