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Fucking Monday Fucking Night Fucking Magic.
Foresight into the future.  Hindsight into the past. The 2006 Championship
16 Mike
14 Rick
13 Geoff
11 Kadilak
08 Pat
07 Tom
06 Bruce
06 Chris
04 Bryant
04 Tariq
04 Bob
03 Mark
02 John
02 Alex
01 Travis
01 Mike #2


Magic has ended for 2006.  The final night had a surprise as Mike returned and claimed one more prize during his championship season.

And Tom demanded his own proclamation be posted regarding his war with Geoff:
"I am officially challenging Geoff.  He revealed his cowardly nature by refusing to face me alone and recruiting a teammate (aka, Tariq the Henchman) to assist in his goals.  I thought you were a man!"

See everyone next year!  If you get bored, check back for the 2007 rules.  Still have to type them out, but they will be posted soon.



Tom and Geoff are officially at war.  Possible team implications.  Beware.



Bob, Kadilak and Tariq were tied at 21 on The Ranks of Divine Ascension until tonight's stunning triple wins by Tariq catapulted him above them.  Will Bruce be Tariq's next victim? 



The 2006 Championship has ended.

Medal Awarded: Geoff is awarded the Brother of the Haunted Soul.



The All Hallow's Eve prize was not awarded this week due to time restrictions.  It will become the season finale next week.

Mike is the 2006 Champion.  Congratulations.  His first place was locked tonight.  While still in range of Kadilak and Geoff, Rick probably has claimed second.  Third place is much closer.  While both Kadilak and Geoff have 11 points, Kadilak is the official leader with more wins.  Could be some intense action there next week.

Shahrazad has been added to the banned list.

Medal Awarded: Pat is awarded the Hardened Service Cross.
Medal Awarded: Pat is awarded the Seasonal 10 Victory Ribbon.



Tom wins the final Cursed Prize in grand fashion.  There will be no more Cursed Prizes printed or awarded for a long time.

The championship is nearing completion.  With only a few prizes left this year, it does not appear that anyone is going to catch Mike.  Mathematically Rick and Kadilak still are contenders, but statistically their chances are improbable.



Alert!!!  Beware!!!  The Championship scores of Tom, Pat and Bruce current display the number of our beloved beast:  666.  Satan knows where you keep your soul.  Worship him!!!  Worship him!!!  Worship him!!!  Worship him!!!  Worship him!!!

Tom has maintained his slow climb from the negatives and is now within striking range of becoming a championship contender.  With his two wins tonight, he ties Mike for most wins this season.  Mike has been unable to respond to Tom's resurgence as he is away at school.  But Mike still holds the championship lead.

Medal Awarded:  Tom  is upgraded to the Seasonal 30 Victory Ribbon.



A surprise return to Monday Night Magic by Bob!  And on his first night back he claims a victory and becomes the final player to reclaim his Eternal Victory Award.

Everyone still awaits the Time Spiral set spoiler list.  The cards in that set shall introduce permanent changes to the Monday Night Magic environment.

Medal Awarded:  Bob  renews his Eternal Victory Award.



And suddenly Geoff rockets up the championship table.  Was this really unexpected?  He is definitely in striking range now.  In the rare chance that someone is tied with Mike at the end of the season, the tiebreaker will be most number of wins this season.  And unless Tom stages an unbelievable championship charge, Mike will win that contest.

With Mike away at college and Kadilak back in school, will the season turn into another bloodthirsty, soul gouging, brain splitting contest between Rick and Geoff?

Tom was present yesterday, but did not play.  Instead he helped a new player get used to the game and the politics of Monday Night Magic.  Very sportsman like!

And for the first time we have players with identical names.  Until a better designation is assigned, the newest Mike will be known as Mike #2.

Time Spiral is currently being previewed.  Time to print some new proxies!



Monday Night Magic is un-cancelled!  New emergency temporary location.

Walk the Aeons has been added to the banned list.



Monday Night Magic is cancelled tomorrow! 

It has been decided all remaining Cursed Prizes not already in the Prize Pouch will be held until after the championship finale.  After which they will be utilized as bonus prizes during the between season gap. 

Breaking 2007 Championship News:  There will be no Cursed Prizes in 2007!



Monday Night Magic returns after missing a week.  Not enough players attended last week to have an official game.  After a slow start, Geoff has begun to climb the championship chart.  Is there enough time left in the season for him to reach the top?  And where have Mike and Pat been?  A summer hiatus?  And after Tariq's farewells three weeks ago, events have transpired to allow him to attend again.



Remember, August is now curse free.  All Cursed Prizes won during August count as regular prizes.  Too many Cursed Prizes were printed and this is the best way of correcting that error.  Innocent Blood has finally been added to the Prize Pouch.



It has been awhile, but the Hunted Horror has once again vanquished Tom.  Unfortunately, the Horror was slightly preoccupied when a raging horde of minotaur headed monsters came calling.  The foil Hunted Horror still demands blood, gore and ground bone.  And he demands it now.

Geoff has claimed his first win of the year after a long absence and reached his fiftieth overall victory.  Rick is also closing in on his fiftieth overall win.  All eligible players have now renewed their Eternal Victory Award until the end of 2007.

Medal Awarded:  Geoff renews his Eternal Victory Award.



The Prize Pouch was emptied on Monday.  Since it shall not be replenished before gaming begins next Monday, the following list will be the order new prizes will be awarded until the new batch arrives.  So it is written, so shall it be.

Next prizes:  (1) Twincast  (2) Balance  (3) Worship  (4) Goblin Welder



Quite the happening night with a holiday the following day to prolong the playing time.  Tom becomes the new guy to beat with a brand new Sneak Attack deck.  It dominated the evening with a smashing five victories.  July and August should prove very interesting to the championship with a long run of non-cursed prizes.  A few cursed prizes may be delivered, but far from a third season.

Medal Awarded:  Mike is upgraded to the Seasonal 30 Victory Ribbon.

Capture of Jingzhou has been added to the banned list.



Rumors of Geoff's return continue to circulate.  Will blood drench the walls?  Will chair legs be impaled down throats?  Will eye balls be torn from skulls and stuffed into soda cans?  Only death is certain to abound in the coming nights.

And, ho!  As of this date, Pat's, Kadilak's and Rick's point totals equal 666.

Is it merely an omen of the horrors on the horizon?  Onward to death.



The second Season of the Cursed has ended.  Expect a long run of non-cursed prizes during the following  months.  Championship potential abounds.

Tariq seems to be the new guy to beat with some dominating combo wins.  All his early prizes were cursed, so his championship points remain in the negative.

Level 7 of the Prize Vault has been excavated and is open for public visitation.

The foil Hunted Horror attempted an early slaughter of Tom, but it was not to be.  Someday the foil Hunted Horror will humiliate his soul for eternity.  Kill.



Tariq has returned from a semi-retirement to win multiple 2006 prizes and retain his Eternal Victory Award.  He is safe until the end of 2007.  The only players to not renew their Eternal Victory Awards are Geoff and Bob.  Rumor has it that Bob has moved out of state.  Will Geoff ever return to action and renew the award?

No Monday Night Magic last week due to the holiday.  Currently, another Season of the Cursed has manifested itself to loom over the prize pool.  The next prizes to be delivered will include the new Swords to Plowshares.



Welcome to the biggest update the site has ever experienced.  After reformatting the Ranks of Divine Ascension a few days ago, there was continuing motivation to upgrade the entire site.

As promised, the old news items from 2004 and 2005 are now archived online.

There are now individual awards displayed in the Ranks of Divine Ascension.  Hold the mouse over the medals for a description of the award.  Hopefully, no one was overlooked during the award ceremony.

The new awards are permanent with a single exception.  The Eternal Victory Award must be renewed each year.  If a medal holder fails to win a game each year, the medal will be revoked.  Attention Geoff, Bob and Tariq!  You are the only players who have not renewed the medal this year.  If you do not achieve a 2006 victory the medal will forever be lost and your reputation dishonored.  Shame awaits!

Enjoy the new and improved site layout.



The Ranks of Divine Ascension has finally been reformatted!  This had been delayed for far too long.  When the Ranks table began, there were only about eight people playing and only one prize awarded each week.  It rapidly outgrew its original scope and became an overly long list of ridiculous scrolling.  Active players will always have empty space showing in the right column.  Inactive player entries will be kept as compact as possible.  Previous season champions are also now noted in the Ranks of Divine Ascension.  That was also long overdue.

Has anyone noticed the preview of the new Swords to Plowshares?



Another first occurred at Monday Night Magic.  Kadilak had to leave for the night.  Pat had already been eliminated, so he continued playing for Kadilak in his absence.  This is not new at Monday Night Magic, but this time the substitute player won the game!  Since Pat was previously killed, he could receive no awards.  All points associated with the prize were awarded to Kadilak for starting the game.

And Tom finally reached 50 wins on the Ranks of Divine Ascension a few weeks ago.  It certainly took what seemed like forever for someone to catch Geoff! 



Tom has tied Geoff at 49 on the Ranks of Divine Ascension.  His next victory will put him in the lead and he will also become the first player to reach 50.



Tom extended his record low score to -6 before beginning his climb back to the positive numbers.  Fifty-six prizes have already been awarded this year.



Tom's expected win streak hit its stride this week with him claiming another three victories.  Naturally, they were all cursed prizes.  He did narrowly avoid wining a second Legendary cursed prize.  With his multiple curses, he has outdone Bruce's once seeming unachievable record of reaching -3 in the championship standings.  Tom has set a new record low score of -4.  Congratulations Tom!



Wow!  Mike wins four Cursed Prizes in a single night!  That takes care of his early lead in the championship.  But does he really care?  The lead can always be rebuilt.  Mike is also the first non-original player to reach twenty overall victories and pass the once overall leader Bob's total of seventeen.

Tom, totally not tormented by Hunted Horrors, becomes the first player of the year to fall to a negative point total.  Plus he was unlucky enough to win the first Legendary cursed prize.  He had a problem with Legendary prizes last year.  Will it be problematic for him again during the reminder of The Season of the Cursed?



Fastbond has been added to the watch list.  The Fastbond, Zuran Orb and Crucible of Worlds combos seem to be an every night occurrence this year.

All of the upcoming Cursed Prizes are now previewed in The Vault.



The first site update in two weeks brings another seven prizes awarded to seven different players.  How does this keep happening? 

And Tom now has an anti-Hunted Horror deck.  Still he was devoured by a Hunted Horror in game one and later during game four, managed to destroy three Hunted Horrors before a fourth appeared and sent him on a smoke break.  The foil Hunted Horror overlord leader did not make an appearance.  Three players possessed decks stocked full of Hunted Horrors to maintain the pressure.  And almost unbelievably, Pat's Hunted Horrors actually say "Kill Tom" in the artwork.



In a similar fashion to last year's championship beginning, a single player has established an early lead.  Will Mike be able to maintain his early advantage?  One thing is certain, he (and every other championship contender) will have to survive the oncoming storm of The Season of the Cursed!!!

There has been a prize error!  The printed Mindslaver prizes are not Legendary.  This was a total accident.  After some thought, instead of reprinting them as Legendary or assigning errata, the Mindslavers will remain in their current printed form.  Things are going to deteriorate into chaos when The Season of the Cursed begins.  Further complications from Legendary prizes would just make it worse.

And Kadilak, thanks for the foil Hunted Horror!  It has already developed a strong initial dislike to Tom's demeanor and its inbred hatred of him will surely multiply!



Time Walk is banned!  Too many multiple turns forcing others to wait idle have finally retired the original extra turn card into the history books.

Another night with five games and five different winners.  Not bad.

And those damn Hunted Horrors keep attacking Tom!  What is up with that?  Two Horror assaults, one Ankh damage and a Flame Rift eliminated  him on turn three.



The 2006 Championship is underway!

The first night victories were claimed by four different players.  No runaway leader on the first night!  All current prizes are pictured in the Vault.

As can be seen, the old news items have been deleted.  Eventually, all news entries from 2004 and 2005 will reappear in a permanent online archive.




Foresight into the future.  Hindsight into the past. The 2005 Championship


The 2005 Monday Night Magic Championship is officially over.  Geoff claimed first place long ago.  The final top three positions were claimed by Rick in second and Tom in third.  The points table displays the final scores of everyone who participated in the Championship.  Good luck to everyone next year!



For the first time in the history of Monday Night Magic, Tom was absent!  His record of perfect attendance is ruined forever!!!  And his absence essentially gave second place in the 2005 Championship to Rick.  Rick claimed three prizes and moved back into second on the Ranks of Divine Ascension and extended his lead in the championship to four points.  In addition Rick still has an unused Disenchant Pre-Mature Prize from 2004 that can remove the championship points from a prize.

Additional 2006 prize previews are now available in the Vault.



The first Pre-Mature Prize was used!  Shawn invoked Future Sight to force Tom to win a second copy of Karakas.  If Tom accepted the prize he would have been awarded -3 Championship points.  Fantastic spite move by Shawn!

Second and Third place in the 2005 Championship is down to Rick and Tom.



Game two this week was standing room only!  What the hell?

The Vault of Prizes was condensed as part of a scheduled maintenance upgrade.  There are now twelve prizes per level.  Level Six was filled in and sealed off.

The first 2006 preview has been posted.  No surprise as this card was a request.



Geoff wins the 2005 Championship!  All players have been mathematically eliminated from the running.  Theoretically it is still possible for Geoff to win all the remaining Cursed and Legendary prizes which might allow others to catch him, but the probability of that happening is so remote, why bother thinking about it.

Congratulations, Geoff.  The 2005 Monday Night Magic Champion.



After a two week hiatus, another session of Monday Night Magic was finally held.  A very weird session, playing on the floor at Rick's apartment.  It felt like I was back in Elementary School playing Duck, Duck, Goose.  Most weird.

Two original players also returned to the Magic scene last night after a long absence.  Both Tariq and Phil once again attended.  Tariq even claimed a prize.

And the final Lightning Bolt was awarded.  No player was man enough to claim a bonus point by winning both of the alternate art Lightning Bolts.  Too bad, so sad.

October is another long month with five Monday nights.  Players would do well to remember the upcoming Halloween Special Event Prize "All Hallow's Eve." 



There has been an error in the record sheet kept at Geoff's house.  It would appear Geoff has won a fourth Badlands.  Records have been double checked for accuracy and his championship point total has been increased to 28.

A final batch of prizes for the 2005 season was printed yesterday.



Are you fucking kidding me?  Geoff wins the double point Bosh?  The lead extends.

And Bruce is making a roaring comeback!  It is now official if he did not accept the double Legendary prize penalty, he would be in second place in the championship.  And he might still get there!  The championship finale is not far off.



The new Special Event Prize has been revealed.  Who will claim the Second Anniversary Award?  And Bruce has suddenly jumped up in the Championship.  Does he realize if he did not accept the double Legendary Prize penalty that he would be tied for third in the Championship?  The year is far from over and he could still yet recover from the horrendous negative three assigned many months back.  If he claims second place, Legendary glory would be heaped upon his name.

Although it is extremely improbable, the Championship could still belong to anyone.  There are still enough prizes and points left for a player starting at zero to take the lead from the current top three point leaders.  Kill!  Murder!  Mayhem!



Finally!  Someone has won a third identical dual land.  Geoff has claimed a third Badlands.  Realistically, it only grants him a delayed championship point for his first Badlands won months ago, but it does provide him with a sudden and unexpected increase of championship points.  Does a fourth loom on the horizon? 



Attention!  A Special Event Prize is scheduled for September.  The exact date will be announced at least two weeks before the event.  It is a new type of prize, but will essentially be identical to previous double championship point  prizes.  The only difference is it must be awarded to a winner of a game.  If a winner does not want to keep the prize (that would usually be John), he will be awarded the appropriate points, but he will not have the option to give the prize to someone else.  Nor can the then pointless prize be added as a bonus to another game.  The only way a player can take ownership of the prize is to win it during a regular game.

Also, it has been decided that any future prizes won by Chris will not have their championship points altered.  The prize will return to the prize pool as if never awarded.  Any victory, regardless of the prize type, will award Chris with a single championship point.  This does not apply to Special Event Prizes.



Lots of news to report!  Rick has finally won a duplicate prize.  Technically, they are from different years, but his no-repeat run has come to an end.

The Ranks of Divine Ascension have been extremely active.  Geoff is still piling up the victories and has reached a new milestone of forty.  Tom and Rick are only one apart.  Bob and Bruce are both at seventeen.

The championship has passed the halfway point.  Geoff has a very serious lead and seems to keep extending it.  For a week Bob, Rick and Tom all had six championship points on the chart allowing 666 to appear!  They have been granted a divine blessing by Lord Satan!  The other top championship spots are extremely close and can be expected to change during the final months.  Bob and Rick might consider staying for additional games.

Bruce has climbed back to zero points after falling to negative three by being cursed once and then accepting a second copy of a Legendary prize.

And Tom has become the first player to refuse a prize!  After totally dominating an entire game, he wins a duplicate prize only to refuse it to avoid the championship penalty.  Let the shame of his cowardice be forever heaped upon his memory!



Monday Night Magic was held at a different location for the first time since prizes were created.  And apparently the venue will be permanently changed soon.

The halfway point of the 2005 championship has been reached.  The same top four players from 2004 are looking good again this year.  Bruce has been steadily climbing back toward positive points.  Could he return to contention?

Although not directly related to Monday Night Magic, Geoff has carried his Mox Jet obsession into the real world.  Players may remember he won four of the six Mox Jet prizes awarded last year.    In recent weeks, he won two real life tournaments and was awarded one Unlimited and one Beta Mox Jet for his blood drenched victories.  Congratulations Geoff.  You are a fucking Mox Jet psycho!



Undefeated!  Un-motherfucking-defeated!  Who is this guy?  Jeff has won his first three Monday Night Magic games!  Each game was on a different night.  And Geoff, is simply running away with his lead on the Ranks of Divine Ascension.

The first double point prize, Merchant Scroll,  is set to be awarded in April.  Is someone ready to jump up in the championship standings?

There are now three different Highlander prizes in Tom's possession.  The next Highlander session will have appropriate prizes for the entire night.  But the real issue is if anyone is insane or stupid enough to participate in what could become Highlander nightmare night number two.  Perhaps more aggressive decks? 



There was a discussion about card rarity last week and I thought it would be interesting to post the numbers.  These were calculated by some random Magic fanatic in 1995.  They are based on the number of cards printed and the starter and booster breakdown percentage.  The numbers represent the approximate number of rare cards printed for each set.  Uncommon Beta cards are also listed.  As can be seen, the print runs of the early sets were quite small.

Beta Rare
Beta Uncommon
Arabian Nights
Ice Age




Five new cards have been added to the banned list.  Check the rules page.

Geoff has substantially increased his lead on the Ranks of Divine Ascension.  But ironically, he was awarded three new prizes this week, but his championship points remained the same.  Cursed prizes can do that to a player.

Bruce is the first player to be on the Championship List with zero points.  Another side effect of being cursed!

Next month will be the first double point Special Event Prize of 2005.  Yes, it is the prize with the Venom lyrics.  Venom.  Check the rules page again.



Six and a half fucking hours of hell.  That was how the second official game of Highlander can be described.  Six and a half fucking hours!  The longest Monday Night Magic game of all time.  And it was a Highlander game!  Could there have been more board resets?  More Wrath of God effects?  How many times was that False Prophet returned to play?  And the Timetwister prize was finally won by the player who sat forgotten in the corner, not bothering anyone.  The game lasted approximately from 11:15 until 6:45. Shall there ever be another nightmare game?

The preview for the next Highlander prize is available in The Vault.  It is animated to display both versions of the artwork.  The art was created from an online Photoshop tutorial.  A bonus Championship Point will be awarded to any player with the motherfucking skill to claim both versions during battle at Monday Night Magic. 



Highlander section added to the 2005 Rules Page.

More previews available in The Vault.



The 2005 Championship is about to begin.  Several of the new 2005 prizes can be previewed in The Vault.  No Cursed Prizes in January.

Remember to check out the point system for 2005.  Dual Lands can be extremely valuable in multiples.  Also, Tom has implemented a Banned Card List for the 2005 Championship.  Both of these items can be located at the link underneath The Vault.  The Premature Prize rules are a bit wordy, but that is not my problem!

The old 2004 news has been deleted.




Foresight into the future.  Hindsight into the past. The 2004 Championship


The 2005 Championship is about to begin.  Several of the new 2005 prizes can be previewed in The Vault.  No Cursed Prizes in January.

Remember to check out the point system for 2005.  Dual Lands can be extremely valuable in multiples.  Also, Tom has implemented a Banned Card List for the 2005 Championship.  Both of these items can be located at the link underneath The Vault.  The Premature Prize rules are a bit wordy, but that is not my problem!

The old 2004 news has been deleted.



Unbelievable!  With only one week to go in the championship, Geoff and Rick are tied again for first place and Tom and Bob are tied for third.  Next week's stress levels will be at maximum!

The ideal outcome would be to have one prize decide first and second, and the other decide third, but anything could happen.  Will there be a dreaded tie?  A horrific double tie?  Stop the insanity!  A final outcome is imperative!

One streak will have to end for Rick to win.  Rick has never won the same prize twice.  Both of the remaining prizes have previously been won by Rick, so can he overcome the will of the gods, claim a second copy of a prize and conquer first place in the 2004 Championship?  Or perhaps winning a second copy of a prize is a matter he will forever be cursed with?



It is now official.  All players except Rick and Geoff have been eliminated from contention for first and second place in the championship.  Third place is now tied between Bob and Tom and that could be another close race.

There is still one cursed Black Lotus in the prize pool.  Contenders beware!



Approximately a month left to play and the two leaders are tied again!  Amazing.  Third place still belongs to anyone who wants it bad enough.  The championship title is now between Rick and Geoff alone.  Yes, it has been like that for awhile, but it is basically official now.

A draft of the 2005 Championship rules is now online.  Look under the Vault. 



The multiverse shattering conclusion is rapidly approaching for the first full season of Monday Night Magic.  To keep the championship interesting, there will now be at least two prizes awarded per night.

A few prizes will be "Premature Prizes" for 2005.  What the hell is a Premature Prize?  The details will be revealed in the coming months.  All you need to know for now is they do not count in the 2004 championship, they each have a different ability that can affect the 2005 championship and a  player cannot win the same prize more than once.  If someone wins a Premature Prize twice, the prize is not awarded and is played for again.  The winner of a duplicate prize  is not awarded championship points or a win on the Ranks of Divine Ascension.  Deal with it.



Preview of unique "Halloween" prize available in The Vault.  Remember it is worth double points for the 2004 Championship.



A change at the top of the Ranks of Divine Ascension and the championship leaders are tied at nine.  Bruce and Dave will have to hit a serious win streak to still remain in contention with the leaders, but third place still belongs to anybody.

Finally, after months of delays printing the damn cards, a new type of prize has arrived at Monday Night Magic.  Cursed prizes are here!  Some may  laugh at them, but others may avoid them completely.  Who will be first to be cursed?



No more duplicate prizes in 2004.  Starting in September, every prize game will be the final chance to win that night's particular card  this year.  This will not remain true if printer access is achieved and a few bonus cards are printed.  Also, a card worth double points in the 2004 Championship is scheduled for October.  The night that card is awarded will be announced in advanced so all the top contenders may be present.  It will be a unique card for 2004.



Another Mox Jet goes to Geoff!  You have got to be fucking kidding me!  Does everyone else just fall to pieces when this prize is on the table?  It will definitely be a record that is difficult to break.  Ironically, the current overall victory leader, Rick, has never won two of the same prize.  Strange.  Speaking of Rick, his monthly win streak ended in July.  Still an impressive run to win a prize every month from December to June.  Only one Mox Jet left to win in 2004.   



A fifty-nine card deck claims a prize?  What is this game becoming?  By the way, the same guy who won with a fifty-nine card deck has also won at least one prize every month this year!  The streak actually continues back into December.  Will July see the termination of this unprecedented victory extravaganza? 



Mox Jet obsession?  Geoff wins a third Mox Jet.  Talk about singular prize domination!  There are only two chances left to win a Mox Jet in 2004.

The halfway point of the 2004 Championship is close.  Rick and Geoff are looking very strong, but they are still far from clinching a top three position.  Will their current  positions be consolidated at summer's end or just pathetically recalled as a fleeting moment of glory?

The final 2004 Championship round is now scheduled for the second week of December.  Attendance was poor during the holidays last year, and ending early in December will also allow time for any necessary tie-breakers.



666.  The top three ranked players on the Ranks of Divine Ascension are tied with six wins each.  If one scrolls down the list, the sacred number 666 becomes visible.  Is this a sign of what is to come?  Will the player who dares break the unholy code be cursed by the gods?  Remember, Satan knows where you keep your soul.



There are currently five people with two victories on the Ranks of Divine Ascension.  Who will be the first to shatter the stalemate barrier  and shed the cursed rank of "2"?  Think of the glory alone!  Woe to any of these five pathetic souls should they remain trapped at this ranking come the summer months.

Another April preview has manifested itself in the Vault.  Ok, everyone probably knew this one was inevitable.  Next week's preview is a blue sorcery with a casting cost of 1U.  Sounds familiar.  What could it possibly be?



April was going to see the debut of the first blue prize card.  But is one blue card enough?  Never!  So the entire month of April is going to be dedicated to blue prizes.  Every prize in April will be a blue card or directly related to blue.  Also scheduled is the "Easter Special".  The first sneak preview is in The Vault.



The site receives its first upgrade and a 2004 Championship is born!  The end is still months away, but every victory counts.  No doubt some kind of unique championship proxy prizes will be awarded to the top three.  Unlike The Ranks of Divine Ascension where the order of the table is absolute, players with equal wins on the championship table are in a tied position.



March Mox Madness?  Perhaps.  March has five Mondays, so will the prizes be one of each Mox?  Confirmed are Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet and Mox Ruby.  All three will have different backgrounds from the ones already presented this year.  The remaining two March prizes will also be zero casting cost artifacts.  But Mox Emerald?  One of the new prizes can be previewed in the Prize Vault.  The final March prize will be added to the gallery next week.



Monday Night Magic has an official web site!  Well, for the moment.  This should be considered a temporary location.  Eventually, this page will be incorporated into a reborn Hole of Unbounded Hate, but that will not happen for awhile.  If anyone desires to reach the webmaster by email, please send to   If this site looks simple and to the point, that is because it was designed that way.

So what does this site have to offer?

Now players can recall past moments of glory online (or were those incidents of pathetic failure?).  The Divine Ascension chart provides  unquestionable documentation on who is the current ranking overlord of Monday Night Magic!

Find lost treasures in the Prize Vault.  See anything that escaped your grasp?  Plot your vengeance today!  Previews of future prizes will also appear in the Vault.  There may even be one displayed now.

The upper right banner is a Wanted Cards List.  All listed cards should be donated in overwhelming quantity  to the honorable webmaster whenever the opportunity arises.

Most of the graphics on this site have hover text if you place the mouse over the image.